Play today: 200€ cash prizes for the top 3 players of the competition!

April 26, 2021

Time for the Semi-finals time for both Champions League and Europa League! The last competition was intense and in the end 1st place has been won by Dusan who was on top of Kukoc and Xamoutzis.

As in any competition, there will be prizes for the top players of each gameweek. This gameweek, the prizes that will be won by the top 3 players of the competition, depending on the points they will collect, are:

• 1st place: Paysafe 50€ (winner with 500+ points will win a prize of 170€)
• 2nd place: Paysafe 25€
• 3rd place: Paysafe 5€

In the Champions League & Europa League competition, there are 4 special aids that increase or protect your points, Boost, Safety, Points Bonus, Exact Goals Bonus and more details can be read here.

You can read more details about the contest on Facebook and on the contest page (

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