These are the top6 winners of the 1st gameweek of the competition!

February 22, 2021

The 1st gameweek of the UEFA 2021 competition is completed. The 1st place has been won by Xamoutzis who was on top of Arianos and Daxta by only 10 points! The prizes have been won by these 6 players:

  • 1st prize Paysafe 50€ won by Xamoutzis
  • 2nd prize Paysafe 25€ won by Arianos
  • 3rd prize Paysafe 10€ won by Daxta
  • 4th prize Paysafe 5€ won by Teenager
  • 5th prize Paysafe 5€ won by Batistuta
  • 6th prize Paysafe 5€ won by Giafkas

The 2nd gameweek will begin on 23rd of February. Good luck!